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How many responses will I get to my listings?


Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately answer this question, much less give any guarantees.

The reason is that the number of responses depends on many factors, here are some of them:

  • an attractive title and a detailed description significantly increase the number of responses;
  • exactly selected photos or other images and video materials relevant to your offers also increase the number of responses manifold;
  • the subject of your offer is crucial. Not all subjects are equally popular, for instance many offers are of a seasonal nature;
  • the region of the target audience - we have a different number of visitors from different regions;
  • Ours is a mainly an English-speaking audience.


On our side, we do everything in our power to make your ad visible to as many people as possible. For instance, we provide your listings for free to the leading ad search engines, including local and national brands. But since they independently decide which ads to accept, we are unable to guarantee the result.

And, finally, we can offer a range of powerful tools that allow to stimulate the reach of your ads. In many cases, it’s possible to increase the number of responses tenfold using our premium advertising options, such as “Feature listing” and “Better Placement.”

After your phone number is verified, you can send a ticket to the tech support to request an upgrade to "Full membership". This will allow you to use premium advertising options on the site.


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