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Desiccant Pouches - Moisture Absorber Bags for Cargo Shipmen

Moisture absorber bagsĀ are usually made up of a bag or a large-sized pouch filled with any high-quality moisture-absorbing material such as calcium chloride, silica gel, activated charcoal, etc. ...

Rs.111.00 INR March 15, 2024, 7:06
Cargo Desiccant Bags For Export Products

Cargo desiccant bags are essential for protecting export products from moisture damage during transportation. These bags are specifically designed to absorb excess moisture from the air within...

Rs.111.00 INR March 15, 2024, 7:00
Container desiccant bag manufacturers & supplier

Sorbead India is the global supplier of container desiccant packs which can be used for shipping products worldwide without having risk of reducing dew point, mold progression or moisture effect....

Rs.199.00 INR March 15, 2024, 6:54
Desiccant silica Packets for moisture absorber

Desiccant Silica Gel Pouches A Sorbipaks silica gel packets desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity and prevents the products from mold, mildew, rust or corrosion by filling the packets with...

Rs.899.00 INR April 19, 2023, 10:21
Cargo desiccant bags for Shipping Industries

Moisture Absorber Desiccant Bags - Cargo Dry Pak Cargo dry pak is a specially formulated desiccant product designed to lower the dew point inside shipping and storage containers. By lowering the...

$390,024.00 USD April 19, 2023, 10:12